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Gymnastics Teaches Our Kids To Be Brave

“Speaking of nudging kids.  Do you remember when you were a kid and then trying something that you weren’t very good at and then just completely quitting?” Raz “Yes.” Saujani “What was it?” Raz “Gymnastics.” Saujani “What happened.” Raz “I couldn’t do a cartwheel.  And then I just stopped doing it.” Saujani   I was […]
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Don’t Get Discouraged!

To the parent in the Parent/Tot Gymnastics Class. If I could tell you one thing it would be “Don’t Get Discouraged!” I often watch the gym during classes, and in almost every parent/tot class I see a parent who looks stressed, tired, and possibly discouraged.  If I could read their minds they would be saying […]
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Creamy Avocado Pasta With Zucchini

Dinner time can be a challenge.  Let’s face it after a long day of working, errands, and taking care of the kids cooking is the last thing I want to do.   I’m always on the search for an easy, fast, and healthy meal. One of my favorite go to meals, and my sons favorite, […]
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